Bobcat E35Z Compact Excavator

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Operating weight 3,362 kg
Horsepower 18.5 kW
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Bobcat E35z compact excavator the new Bobcat E35z, a new generation model in the popular 3.5 tonne machine class offers the additional benefits of ZHS design. This excavator provides the best possible mix of compactness, a large iperating range for the workgroup (especially with the optional long arm), great stability (two counterweight opitions available) and a large and comfortable operator area. This machine tops out the R-Series range and will be appreciated by customers with a need for a high specification ZHS model, whilst preferring the lower cost of ownership compared to higher tonnage machines.

Specifications of Bobcat E35Z Compact Excavator

  • Horsepower: 24.8 hp
  • Bucket Digging Force: 33,430 Ibf
  • Width: 68.9 in
  • Tail Swing Type: Minimal

Features of Bobcat E35Z Compact Excavator


Advanced Hydraulics

Whether you’re traveling across a jobsite, backfilling, or digging, your excavator’s hydraulic system contributes to performance more than any other feature. When compared to other brands, advanced hydraulics on Bobcat® excavators deliver the most horsepower in working range.

Predictable Control

Bobcat® compact excavators deliver the house, boom, arm and bucket control you expect in the most challenging work environments. It’s the confidence in these precise movements that determines whether you complete the job using your machine, or with two workers and a pair of shovels.

Fingertip Boom swing Control

Bobcat® excavator controls allow you to make fine movements with low effort and maximum comfort – so you can get precise results in less time, with less fatigue. With the boom swing control on the joystick, you get more floor space and foot room for better operator comfort on long, tiring jobs.

2-Speed Travel

Maneuver faster with optional 2-Speed travel. The faster you can move on your jobsite, the quicker you can complete your work. For long-haul jobs or work on large jobsites, 2-Speed travel increases your productivity all day long.

Auto Shift Travel

Auto- Shift travel shifts the machine out of high range and back automatically, offering superb travel performance without having to manually downshift. It automatically transitions the travel motors to and from high range, giving you greater tractive effort with no manual shifting. A directional lug track also provides a smoother ride and less vibration when traveling.

Blade Float

Simplify grading and leveling. Blade float exert a minimal, consistent down-force on the blade, with minimal operator input.

Dual Flange Roller System

Dig with confidence over the side of the machine and experience greater slewing ability thanks to the dual flange track rollers. Operators will also notice smoother, more comfortable ride quality while moving across bumpy jobsites.

Deluxe Instrumentation

With deluxe instrumentation, vital machine information is at your fingertips. A full-color, 5 in. Display gives you access to operation data, functional lockouts, maintenance reminders, eco mode, and includes an integrated keyless start system.

Multiple Arm Configurations

Multiple arm configurations are available on select models: Standard and long. Depending on the reach, depth, power, and lifting performance you need, there’s an arm to meet the needs of your job and increase productivity.

Extendable Arm

Bobcat compact excavators have an extendable-arm option for greater reach. When needed, th arm can be hydraulically extended up to 30 in., and then retracted to its standard position for maximum arm force and lift performance.

Integrated Rear Counterweight

For added stability, the counterweight on R-series compact (mini) excavators is integrated into the structure of the machine. This design contributes to an improvement of lift-over-side capacity up to 15 percent in select models. You’ll notice the difference when you’re lifting a heavy load – such as a culvert – and slewing over the side of the machine.

Uptime Protection Features

In-Track swing frame

Bobcat compact excavators are engineered to operate in the smallest of workspaces. All models feature the exclusive In-Track Swing Frame, which allows you to get closer to your work. The swing casting and cylinders stay within the tracks when you dig in an offset position.

Protection Technology

Bobcat compact excavators are designed to prevent problems before they occur. Electronics meet or exceed military requirements for sealing, moisture, shock and vibration. Automatic glow plugs deliver easier starts and longer starter life, while battery run-down protection protects against vandals or forgetfull operators.

Protected Components

Exposed hosed, weaker components and inferior design may mean a trip to the shop when you need your machine the most. Bobcat compact excavators are equipped with a durable tailgate, protected hydraulic lines, smarter hose routing and a redesigned workgroup.

Keyless Start

Keys are no longer necessary with the optional keyless start on Bobcat compact excavator. The simple option ensures no time is lost on your worksite if you or your employees forget the keys in the shop. Start your machine by simple entering a set code number and pressing the start button. Keyless start also protects against theft or unauthorized use. The code can easily be changed using the master code supplied with the Kit. It’s especially usefull for rental machines, as the code can be changed for each customer.

Easy Machine Tie Downs

Get on and off the jobsite faster. Secure your load quickly with accessible tie-downs. Bobcat compact (mini) excavators come standard with four tie-down points that are easy to reach.

X-Frame Undercarriage

With better ground clearance, the X-frame undercarriage improves your performance in difficult conditions. Dirt and other materials easily pass through this undercarriage, making cleanup faster and leaving less debris on the trailers.

Intergrated Slew Brake

Integrated  slew brakes hold your load steady on slopes for more accurate placement. It’s easier to position the excavator, and you no longer need to manually engage the slew brake during transport.

Reversible Cutting Edge

Extend the life of your backfill blade through the bolt-on, one-piece and reversible cutting edge. Compard to welded-on cutting edges, the cutting edge on the angle blade is easily reversible and replaceble.

Steel Tracks

Steel tracks increase your pushing force when you’re working in harsh or abrasive jobsites. The segmented construction makes for quick, convenient repair and the rubber pads give you a more comfortable ride.

Tail Swing Configurations

Choose an excavator model woth a tail swing configuration that best fits your maneuverability needs: Zero tail swing, minimal tail swing and conventional tail swing.

Comfort Features

Premium cab

Premium comfort gives you the endurance to power through long days and tough jobs. When you step inside the R-Series compact (mini) excavator cab, you’ll see refinements everywhere you look, including plenty of headroom and legroom, clear visibility, and a larger suspension seat. Each feature has been designed to help keep you working all day long.

Maximum Headroom and Legroom

When you step inside the redesigned cad of a R-Series compact (mini) excavator, you’ll find more space everywhere you look. It provides maximum headroom and legroom for dependable comfort all day long. Additionally, the suspension seat is wider and floorspace has been increased by 29 percent when compared to previous generations. Even tall operators will be comfortable with plenty of headroom.

Clear Visibility

When you have clear visibility to your work area, your productivity can take off. Bobcat compact (mini) excavators are engineered with narrower cab pillars and 15 percent more glass surface area. Together, the give you the industry’s best visibility to your workgroup and blade cutting edge. Other features include a large, level 1 FOPS (falling object protection system) – certified top window, automatic on/off work lights, and an optional retractable sun visor to block out distracting light.

Operator – Friendly controls

Simple, ergonomic controls keep you productive all day long. Control your attachments and travel with precision, flexibility and low fatigue. Feel the quality at your fingertips, as the newly designed joysticks fit better in your hands.

Reduced Vibration

Inside the premium cab of R- Series compact (mini) excavators, you’ll experience dramatically reduced vibration. Many features contribute to the improvement, including a dual-flange track roller system, a tighter connection between body panels and robust hinges and latches. They all work together to make operating your Bobcat compact excavator more comfortable for longer, more productive days on the jobsite.

Adjustable Seat

Adjustable seats on R-Series compact excavators set new standards for comfort. No matter your height or weight, it’s easy to find an accommodating operating position. With the optional heated seat, cold weather won’t slow you down.

Auto Idle

Auto Idle makes it easier and quieter to pause your work, take a quick break or communicate on the jobsite – all while saving fuel. When machine functions aren’t used, the machine automatically idles the engine until you start working again.