Rotary Grinder

Đánh giá

The rotary grinder is a powerful attachment comprising a double drum, driven by a totally integrated high-torque hydraulic motor. Thanks to its special design features, it allows the demolition of complete structures and very precise removal of material and debris, without damaging adjacent structures. You can also dig trenches in rocky ground or prepare asphalt or concrete surfaces for repair.

Specifications of Rotary Grinder

Rotary Grinder RG20

  • Operating Weight: 280 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 280 kg

Rotary Grinder RG40

  • Operating Weight: 462 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 462 kg

Rotary Grinder RG60

  • Operating Weight: 627 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 627 kg

The Rotary Crinder is attachment for Bobcat Skid Loaders; include:

Skid- Steer Loader:

  • S570-E; S570-E2
  • S590-E; S590-E2
  • S630-E; S630-E2
  • S650-E; S650-E2
  • S770-E; S770-E2
  • S850-E; S850-E2

Compact track loader:

  • T590-E2
  • T650-E; T650-E2
  • T770-E; T770-E2
  • T870-E; T870-E2

Compact Excavator:

  • E32
  • E35
  • E45
  • E50
  • E55
  • E55W
  • E57W
  • E62
  • E80
  • E85

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