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Tilt-Tatch™ increases the versatility of Bobcat® buckets, pallet forks and other attachments.

This hydraulic tool can rotate an attachment 15° from centre to the right or left. Use it to keep loads level on sloping terrain or make a level cut on a hillside. You can even dig drainage ditches with the corner of the bucket.

Note: Use of Tilt-Tatch™ will reduce operating capacity and tip load by approximately 20%.

See the Tilt-Tatch™ Operators Manual for New Load Ratings.

Note: Tilt-Tatch™ can be used with non-hydraulic attachments only.

Digs drainage ditches with the corner of the bucket.

Specifications of Tilt-Tatch

  • Operating weight: 145 kg
  • Length: 109 mm
  • Width: 1219 mm
  • Height: 518 mm
  • Cylinder Bore: 57 mm
  • Cylinder Rod: 25 mm
  • Cylinder Stroke: 107 mm
  • Cylinders: 1
  • Oscillation: ± 15 degrees

The Tilt- Tatch is used for Bobcat Skid loaders, compact loaders. You can choose opitional attachments for the job.

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